[Readathon] 24 in 48 – Closing Survey

Good morning.

It’s day 1 after the readathon and I’m struggling to wake up. For two days I haven’t slept that much, because whenever I woke up, I tried to get some reading done. My stopwatch seemed to be going rather slow as I woke up at 6am on both days and needed until 9pm on Saturday to reach my 12h goal and until 8pm yesterday. And I did nothing else but read (and take a shower every day). So it was a little frustrating how slow my time passed.

But now I survived and I managed to make it to 24 hours. (Even a little more but after I stopped the watch I had no intention of starting it once more :D. ) And this is the first time in 4 Readathons (2x 24in48, 2x Dewey’s), that I actually made it to my personal goal.


Okay, enough of whining, here’s both my closing survey and my proof that I made it.

  1. How many books did you read? Pages? (If you didn’t keep track, tell me that too!)
    I finished one print book I had started before plus two other print, one audio book and I read one ebook while listening to the audio book of it, which made it easier. (Jane Austen. Beautiful, almost magical language, but a little complicated if you’re not a native english speaker.)
    According to Goodreads, the three print books (minus the pages I read before the readathon) had a total of 733 pages. I didn’t keep track of that, but it’s easy to calculate it now 😉 But I don’t know how much it was in the ebook. Well, 35 percent in the end, but I don’t know how many pages that might be.
    Oh, and 7 CDs of one audio book, each CD between 61 and 71 minutes, partially heard while reading a different book (good workout for the brain), partially whenever my eyes needed a break.
  2. How many hours did you read?
    24 hours I stopped. Plus a little extra after finishing yesterday. And maybe some minutes during the actual time as I stopped the watch whenever I left the room, but I read in the kitchen and (yes, I admit it) on the toilet as well. But it would not add up to being that much. Maybe 10 minutes in total during this two days?

    But now to my proof. I used my phone as stopwatch but I’m a Pokemon Go player. I didn’t want to lose time over that this weekend (and my audio books are only either on CD or on Youtube, both not working while the App is open). But my mum, the guardian angel who also brought me snacks, is playing too and suggested that she’ll take my phone for a little walk. That’s why I had to switch the stopwatch for a little while. (Yes, I timed the two hours on my pad’s watch, so that I didn’t have a hard time calculating how long I still had to go :D)

  3. What do you think worked well in this readathon?
    I had nothing that didn’t work out as well as we needed it. I had one question and it was answered in a matter of minutes. That’s all I needed.
  4. What do you think could be done to improve the readathon for next time?
    There’s nothing that needs to be done. But a few things that would be cool, though not necessary.
    In the sign-up sheet there could be a line to add the continent, timezone or country, so that people with the same day-night-rhythm could find each other more easily. Not that we wouldn’t cheer for others around the world, but it might help to know how to find each other to get some motivation for getting up in the morning (because our european mornings are the time in which most americans are asleep).

    And … I don’t know. It was hard for me to wait 3 hours for each post, and 6 hours for the next challenge. I know the readathon is hosted by a single person alone and one post every three hours is a lot for that. But maybe one or the co-hosts from different time zones? And maybe a few more challenges (without prizes, I don’t need that, I just need a break from time to time and do something creative) would be great. But it worked out fine the way it is, too. It’s just that I’m not that good at concentrating and I really felt that the posts and challenges helped me to make it through the day and humans are selfish. If they like something, they want more of it. But it’s really not necessary and please don’t read it as criticism. It was really really good the way it was.

  5. Will you participate in a future 24in48 readathon?
    That actually depends on how my life will work out in the future. I did like it, but the next monday I’m always feeling as if I were a zombie. (Maybe I am, but until now no arm or leg has dropped from my body … ) So it depends on a) Will I find a job? If not, it would suck, but it would make readathons easier. b) If I find a job, how many hours do I have to work, and will these hours start early in the morning? c) Can I take a day of for the monday after the readathon?

    If you still host the readathon when I’m retired, it’s a definite yes, for everything else there’s only the future that could tell.

Thank you for hosting it and thanks to all on the social media keeping me awake and reading (and thanks Mum, both for snacks and for catching me Eevee and Abra).

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