Readathon October 2016 – Hour 8- Literary World Tour

Task: If money and time were no object (you’ve won the biggest lottery jackpot ever, and your boss is totally fine with you taking all of the time off work you need), where would you go to experience your favorite book(s) or series? Fictional places count too, of course.

I would love to be on the Enterprise. Sure, Hogwarts would be great and Snape really deserves someone who’d hug him just once in his life. And if I were able to run as fast as normal human beings, I might want to spend some time with the Doctor on the TARDIS. But the real home of my heart always was and always will be NCC-1701. USS Enterprise. The original one, of course. I guess I’d die pretty fast. I’m way too clumsy not to hit my head somewhere when Klingons attack. But I’d do anything to talk to Spock, to see Sulu with his plants, and to kick Jim Kirk’s butt when he’s an idiot once again.
And yes, I know, it’s not really a literary world tour, but come on. There are more Star Trek novels than there are TV episodes!

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