Readathon October 2016 – Hour 7- Bookish Memory

The task is to share a bookish memory, so I guess, it’ll be an awful lot of writing for me, as I only have one, but it is a memory that includes a time span of many years.

Back in the end of 2010 my favourite band – Duivelspack, german mediaval fun folk – wrote a post on Facebook or their website, not so sure anymore, that an author I never really heard of before (or so I thought), used their music as inspiration for writing. They wrote that if the book would be sold often enough, there would be a movie adaptation and they could make the soundtrack, so I bought it, not knowing what to expect.

I just did it, because I wanted to help the band and ended up finding my new favourite book series – Mara und der Feuerbringer. And the author was not unknown to me either. It was his book debut, sure, but he’s the creator of one of Germany’s best known TV puppets – Bernd the Bread, depressiv mascot of our children’s tv channel. He also was part of a few of Bernd’s sketches and I liked the character he played.

Only a two or three months later there was a reading of him not that far away. Only one hour car drive. But I don’t have a driver’s license, my father wasn’t interested and my mother doesn’t like driving in the dark on unknown streets. But I had the tickets – the author’s manager or booker (I’m so ashamed that I don’t know what your position was back at that time 🙁 .) had read how much I was looking forward to being there and thought I might be nice and gifted me two tickets for the evening. But how to get there???
Luckily for me a fellow student said she’d drive and join me as long as I pay half of the gas – and a hot coffee as it was febuary and extremely cold. We had not been real friend back then. Rather on the way to being friends, but she knew both my sisters and had seen me before, when I was a little girl and maybe she had a bit of a motherly feeling, I don’t know.

All I know is that we ended up driving to the reading. The local newspapers wrote the wrong time, two hours later than actually planned and so Tommy, the author, used the time to give us an unplanned early reading of his new project before starting with the actual reading. It was the best evening of my life. About four hours of fun, laughing, and learning something new about Norse mythology.

Long story short, we ended up loving all now three books of the series (Mara und der Feuerbringer) and when it finally became a movie my sister and I were on the set. Tommy was the director of the adaptation of his own book and spontaneously decided to add a scene for us. (Luckily it got cut, as we were REALLY really bad, but it still was an honor to not only be on set, not only meeting the lead actress, but knowing, we actually were in the movieverse.)

This one little post of a band, taking a risk with a book of an author I did not know, became the best decision I ever made. I met so many new people, some of them are my friends now. And I found books I truly love. I had the best time of my life and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Thank you, Duivelspack. And thank you Simone, Sophia, Tommy, and all the others I met or befriended thanks to this one coincidence.

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